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Rennet natural liquid calf Graco ABR bottle Kg 1

Rennet natural liquid calf Graco ABR bottle Kg 1

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Rennet natural liquid calf Graco ABR bottle Kg 1
Natural calf rennet obtained from pellette calf suckling.
COMPOSITION: 80% chymosin, pepsin 20%
TITLE: 1: 20.000 = 235 IMCU
APPEARANCE: clear liquid
COLOR: yellow gold
DENSITY: at 20 ° C 1,15 kg / lit.
PRESERVATIVES: Sodium Benzoate <1% (less than allowed by law)
PACKAGING: gr. 1,000
WARRANTY: Rennet free from microbial coagulants, swine pepsin and chymosin by recombinant DNA. For theese reasons it is suitable for the production of DOP

The rennet liquid line "GRACO" comes from pellette (abomasum) calf suckling highly selected with a high-tech process.
The extraction and subsequent purifications allow to obtain products with a content of Chymosin of 75% - 95% and a complete range of titrations and power.
The processing of liquid rennet Graco, carefully controlled, enables the standardization of the various products ensuring consistency and quality.
Ideal for coagulation of high quality milk, Rennet Graco achieves soft curds with a full purge and an excellent result in the transformation yield.

The Graco Rennet Liquid is recommended for the production of fine cheeses: hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses and DOC.
Special for cheese made by hoax milk

The packages should be stored in a dark and cool place (optimum temperature +3°, +7°C).


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