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Graduated cylinder PMP (TPX) high cc.2000

Graduated cylinder PMP (TPX) high cc.2000 - A203087

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Graduated Cylinder TPX capacity 2000 cc

Diameter 84 mm
High 530 mm
Division 20 ml

Manufactured according to ISO 6706-1981 (E) and BS 5404 part 21977.
Perfectly transparent, autoclavable, they can be used with liquids at temperatures up to 170 ° C.
Negligible wettability and total absence of the meniscus; graduations permanent embossed.
Chemically cleaner than glass because it does not result in the sale or absorption.
Excellent chemical resistance; pentagonal base to ensure a elavata stability.


PP Mould for 700 grams "Squacquerone" cheese (10 pieces)
Ferment Lactobacillus bulgaricus for 50 liters of milk each (5 bags)
Ferment for Scamorza cheese for 50 liters of milk each (5 bags)
Edible ink bright blue E133