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MOD. 106 ATC 0-100% for salted solutions

MOD. 106 ATC 0-100% for salted solutions - A206497

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Dual range and automatic temperature compensation from 10 to 30 ° C.

For the immediate detection of salinity in the hatchery, on the farm and in the laboratory, it has a double reading scale, in parts per thousand and in specific weight.
It can also be manual calibrated.
Salinity is calculated in PPM scale is from 0 to 100
Specific weight scale from 1000 to 1070

Resolution 1 Resolution 0.001%
Accuracy ± 1% Accuracy ± 0.001

Ready to use: equipped with padded case and calibration kit

The refractive index, of a liquid containing sugar or other solids, and 'proportional to its concentration. Refractometers manuals are based on this principle and built to be in quickly and easily used to measure the percentage of sugar and/or salt (based on the characteristics), present in the


Densimeter for brine 0-50
Rubberized apron reinforced measuring cm 90 x 120