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Portable pH meter Knick 902 Portavo - Complete

Portable pH meter Knick 902 Portavo - Complete - A200201

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Portable pH meter KNICK waterproof IP67.
Manual and automatic temperature compensation.
Separate entrance to conventional electrodes and electrodes Memosens. Automatic calibration of 32 memorized buffers or manually set by the operator of tampons.
Calibration frequency programmable.
Automatic control of the electrode condition.
Measuring ranges: pH: -2.00 ... 16.00/
mV: -1300 ... +1300 / °C: -20.0 ... + 120 / °with NTC, -40 ... + 250°C with PT 1000.
Provided for supporting also be used as a tool table.
Power No. 4 1.5V batteries (AA) battery 1000 hours. Warranty 3 years.

Complete with electrode Hamilton POLYPLAST S7 with plastic coating, with cable S7 DIN plug, temperature sensor PT1000, buffer solutions pH 7.00 and pH 4.00 75ml and briefcase.

For use in dairy industry, we suggest to use the XS Double pore F (cod. 00204b) instead of the S7 provided with the instrument


Ph Buffer Ph 7.01 XS- bottle 55 ml.
Ph Buffer Ph 4.01 XS - bottle 500 ml.
Precision Psychrometer for seasoning warehouse
Ferment for Caciocavallo cheese for 50 liters of milk each (5 bags)