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Liquid rennet kid Extra strong 1:15.000 in bottle 1 kg

Liquid rennet kid Extra strong 1:15.000 in bottle 1 kg

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Name: Rennet Liquid "Kid Extra"
Appearance: Yellow liquid brown, perfectly clear
Strength: 1:15.000 in Italian commercial units (Berridge method)
175 IMCU (values in IMCU can have a variation of 5%) (method ISO 11815 / IDF 157)
Maximum loss of title: less than 10% in 6 months in storage at +4°C/ +8°C
Composition: 75% Chymosin
Pepsin goats 25% (method FIL - IDF 110B: 1997)
Source: Rennet extracted from kid' stomach.
Rennet free from microbial coagulants, swine pepsin and chymosin by recombinant DNA No GMO
Specifications: Perfectly natural product without colorants, flavorings or other additives.
A preservative sodium benzoate E211 (DM 02/27/96 n°209) max 1% Containing sodium chloride (NaCl), approximately 17%


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