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Liquid rennet lamb in bottle bottle - 500 gr

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The liquid rennet of lamb is a clotting enzyme obtained exclusively by selected lamb stomachs. It contains the whole range of chimosine pepsine and natural in the Pelletta.
The nature of the raw materials used and the traditional method of processing gives to the product specific organoleptic virtues. The slow maceration allows the extraction of amino acids and small peptides, which accompany positively the whole life of the cheeses. This wealth of different elements of the liquid rennet lamb Rappelli by common coagulants and thus allows to obtain high-quality cheeses with better yields.

It is ideal for the curd cheese produced from sheep's milk. The high percentage of chimosine working in its natural environment (sheep's milk) allows a homogeneous coagulation of the milk in order to obtain a curd soda, and a creamy pasta cheese during ripening, it also helps to enhance the aroma of the specific sheep's milk cheese.

It guarantees that are not used raw materials derived from GMOs, which are used and absolute absence of allergens. Free from microbial coagulants, swine pepsin and chimosine DNA reassembled.

In bottle, 500 gr


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