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Digital thermometer for boiler XS TEMP 70 Vio without probe

Digital thermometer for boiler mod. TEMP 70 with PT100-PT56P probe - A208093

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Centesimal thermometer with double measuring channel for PT100 probes.
Range -200.0 ... +999.0°C

It is the ideal choice for accurate and precise measurements over a wide range of measurements.
The double centesimal channel allows the use of the Temp 70 Vio in many applications.
It allows you to view the two measurement channels at the same time in a single screen, and the difference between the readings.
Manual or automatic datalogger, up to 1000 records with date and time.
The free Datalink software allows you to remotely control the XS VIO instrument (via Micro-USB connection), download the saved data, view them in beautiful or graphic format and export them to PDF and Excel.
Min-Max-Hold functions.
Stability indicator, criterion adjustable on three levels.
Robust and easy to use, it is equipped with a large color backlit LCD display, for an always clear view, even in poor external light conditions.
Automatic brightness adjustment, for a long battery life.
The LED indicates the status of the measurement. It can be powered both by batteries and via the USB power supply.
Accredia certifiable tool. If equipped with the PT56L 1/5 DIN probe it reaches maximum accuracy. Perfect as a primary thermometer.

Technical specifications

Applied regulations

CE regulations

Temperature accuracy (+100.0 ... +999.9°C) ± 0.1°C
Temperature accuracy (-200.0 ... -100.0°C) ± 0.1°C
Temperature accuracy (-99.99 ... +99.99°C) ± 0.03°C
Measurement range (max. Value) + 999.9°C
Measurement range (min. Value) -200.0°C
Resolution (from -99.9 to + 199.9°C) 0.1°C
Resolution (-200.0 ... -100.0°C) 0.1°C
Resolution (-99.99 ... + 99.99°C) 0.01°C
Working temperature (max. Value) + 60°C
Working temperature (min. Value) 0°C
Working humidity (max. Value) 95% R.H.
Working humidity (min. Value) 10% R.H.


Auto power off After 20 minutes (can be disabled)
Automatic brightness control Yes (can be disabled)
Backlit color LCD display
HOLD function Yes
Min-max function Yes
IP degree of protection IP56
Reading stability indicator Yes
Inputs Double 3-pin connector
Memory / Datalogger 1000 data
Manual / Automatic sampling time (1 min - 99 hours)

Power supplies

Power supply 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries
Battery life > 550 hours
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (without probe) 185x85x45 mm
Weight (without probe) 400g

If equipped with the PT56L 1/5 DIN probe it reaches maximum accuracy. Perfect as a primary thermometer.

Provided with PT100 PT56P probe.


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