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Tecnologie del latte Burro, yogurt, gelato,latte alimentare

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The market for dairy products is today an evolving reality in Italy and in the world. It was then sought to thoroughly examine the "milk" raw material from its first and most essential form, "food" milk, Its increasingly complex and sophisticated versions, not forgetting plant engineering and processing processes. The technologies of making butter, ice cream, yoghurt and early milk derivatives, even the most modern ones, such as flavored and fermented, are treated for each item In large chapters from the raw material. Various variables, other ingredients, processing techniques, product types, problems and defects, as well as relevant applicable legislation and the necessary controls, are analyzed internally, providing an anthology and easy-to-read framework. In fact, practical examples, recipes, references to procedures adopted abroad and information on the operation of the plants are lacking.


The Dairy Farm - Il caseificio nell'azienda agricola - Guido Tallone - Italian language
Dairy Industry Manual - Published by Tecniche Nuove
Microbiologia e tecnologia lattiero-casearia - Qualità e sicurezza - 1st edizione
Scienza del latte - Charles Alais - 3a edizione