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Calcium chloride solution in 5 kg can

Calcium chloride solution in 5 kg can - A503143

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Calcium chloride solution in 5 kg can

Calcium chloride FCC at high concentration, 35/37%
Calcium chloride can be used to improve the process of coagulation of pasteurized milk.
In fact for casein calcium is the most important factor for coagulation.
The pasteurized milk has a lower presence of calcium and also it is likely that at certain times of the year, due to natural physiological situations of the cows, there is a lesser amount of calcium in the milk.
This problem can be compensated by adding 28 ml per 100 liters of milk according to the need.
Calcium chloride can be also suitable for the composition of the liquid government of mozzarella

Can of 5.00 kg


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